Yep, I’m a college football nutcase. Quite frankly I don’t consider any other sport worthy. I recognize that there are other sports, just that they don’t hold the importance and the feeling you get when you approach the stadium on that cool Saturday afternoon in the fall with a hope in your heart that 80 or so young men have worked hard enough and long enough to carry the pride of an entire “nation” of people on their backs. Is it fair for those young men? Of course it’s not fair, but their reward is the sound of the roar of tens of thousands or more cheering for them and millions more all around the world wearing their colors and knowing their names. They get the glory and we get to share just a small little portion of it when we slap that logo on our shirts and hats. Why is it different than pro sports? Because I can identify with each of those young men. I have walked the same grounds they are walking, sat in the same desks they sat, and took the same classes. That’s the difference between collegiate sports and professional, we can see us in them and feel that they are representing us. That’s why we root and scream and spend way more money than we should. That’s why I am a college football nutcase.

Oh, and I’m a father, husband, PubGuy, trivia nerd, beer lover, etc.